What Is The Cost Of Sex Change

Anyone who decides to have a sex change must expect to pay between 6,000 and over 15,000 dollars. If, after a reasonable period of time, there are expert reports under psychotherapeutic care, the transsexuality of the patient is recognized by the health insurance companies as “illness”, as a medical reason, and the treatment as necessary. The submission of two independent reports must confirm transsexuality as such. Then the gender reassignment can be carried out by the health insurer with a full reimbursement of costs. However, the path to this recognition is a long one.

The health insurance company initially carries out pure hormone treatment. Subsequently, the necessary operational steps are often fully or partially financed. In addition to psychotherapeutic care for those affected, this also includes hormone treatment. In addition to the actual gender reassignment surgery, the health insurer may also pay for changes to the larynx or vocal cords or breast surgery.

The amount of the costs depends on which interventions are carried out and the form in which the gender characteristics are changed. In this way, breast growth can be controlled hormonally in some cases, instead of shaping or removing breasts with the help of plastic surgery. The patient’s vagina or penis is converted into several complex surgical steps. Nerves and sensibility are preserved as far as possible. Patients have to allow for a rehabilitation phase lasting several weeks after the operation. The lifelong intake of hormone preparations is an additional burden.

Abroad, especially in Thailand, a number of clinics offer excellent gender reassignment services. Compared to the expenses for the operation at other clinics, the costs are often about half as high. In essence, the long process, which is often painful for those affected, cannot be shortened until a decision is made for an operation. Appropriate psychological reports are also required for the Thailand transgender surgery procedure.

Renowned experts at good hospitals also have their price in Thailand. Similar to cosmetic surgeries, those affected should include travel expenses, preventive and follow-up care, a two-week hospital stay on-site and subsequent rehabilitation times. If complications arise, the question arises as to how patients will deal with them, whom they can contact in these cases and whether they will receive the appropriate medical support from the health insurance company after their return.

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