What is a Medial Epicanthoplasty?

The section of the eyelid that covers the internal edge of the eye, is referred to as the “Mongolian Fold,” which normally makes the eyes show up remote from each other. Medial epicanthoplasty [เปิดหัวตา, which is the term in Thai] customizes this location to make the eyes look clearer, wider, as well as larger. Previous techniques of Epicanthoplasty left visible scars. Nonetheless, Wonjin’s Epicanthoplasty cuts are made on the inner area of the fold, and sutures are not needed, leaving any visible marks. Patients commonly integrate epicanthoplasty in conjunction with double eyelid surgical treatment for more satisfactory results.

Postoperative preventative measures

After the operation one can still wash the face, yet ought to not enable facial cleaner as well as maintenance products to call the injury. The injury needs to be cleaned up with physiological saltwater, covered with a thin layer of ointment, as well as kept dry and clean. Do not use make-up prior to the stitches, which can create wound infection.

  • After procedure one can continue life as typical. The procedure does not impact normal life. The pillow can be padded when resting to lower swelling of the eyes.
  • Avoid extreme water intake prior to bedtime, to avoid wetness buildup in the eyes.
  • Do not take in alcohol, smoke, or take excitant items, such as spicy food, which decreases injury healing.
  • After three weeks, meet with a medical professional to see if you can wear contact lenses and makeup. They will educate you on how to massage the marks of the wound to boost the natural level of the eye.

Postoperative Care Key

  • Two to three days after the procedure, clients might utilize mark gel.
  • The area would get inflamed 1 to 3 days after the operation. Apply ice daily for a week. Press ice against your face for 15 to 20 minutes, no more than every hour.
  • Stay clear of scrubbing your eyes or doing points that will apply intraocular pressure, or weeping, overuse of your eyes. Avoid bending your neck or difficult workout, which can cause swelling of the eyes as well as prolong the swelling time.
  • Do not take supplements within one week after the procedure. Prevent blood circulation medicine and food, such as Shiquan soup, ginseng, and more.

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