A hot topic in the dentistry world for quite some time, CEREC crowns also known as ceramic reconstruction, is one of the modern methods used for tooth restorations. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of this new age dentistry practice.


  1. Quick and Effective

Cerec crowns can be fitted onto the tooth in just one visit. It’s convenient and also saves your time of multiple office visits.

  1. Advanced Technology

These crowns are made with the art CAD/CAM computer and a milling unit machine. It’s modern technology in the dentistry world.

  1. CEREC Crowns look like Real Teeth.

The most common complaint by patients with a crown is that it makes their mouth feel different than it was before the process. If the procedure re-establishes the shape of the patient’s mouth, a lot of individuals feel like these crowns look and react as if they were their natural teeth. But with CEREC crowns, you don’t have to face that problem as CEREC crowns look and feel exactly like real teeth. 

  1. CEREC Crowns Fit Perfectly into the Patient’s Mouth.

Computer technologies that create a new tooth with a crown are needed to build a crown that works perfectly with the rest of the mouth.  The ceramic materials will be painted and blazed in order to ensure that it looks like a natural tooth when you smile. Based on an aesthetic view, there is no other crown that your dentist can provide presently that will compete with the CEREC technologies. It will be difficult for people to know that it’s not your teeth unless you tell them.


  1. CEREC Crowns are not as Durable as Other Available Options.

The technologies behind the creation of CEREC crowns use a ceramic block that allows you to mill a new tooth that you can use almost immediately. Traditional crowns offer greater strength than the CEREC technology, which means that this solution can be more sustainable for some patients with severe oral health problems.

  1. The Scanning Process does not Capture Extended Fractures.

If the fracture of your tooth extends below the gum line, the cameras used for the development of a new crown through CEREC technologies cannot detect oral health problems. In this case, a traditional crown would be better because it would create a more stable foundation for updating the configuration of your teeth.

  1. Some patients may experience color matching problems.

Since CEREC crowns are made of blocks of preformed material, some patients may think that color matching services provided by their local officials are not as perfect as they would like. Some dentists have said they have to rebuild the crown using a different color with this technology to meet the needs of their patients.

  1. It can work better for the rear teeth of some patients.

If you are worried about the color of the crown or its appearance when you laugh, you can opt for a traditional product instead of the CEREC process. Conventional products are made in a laboratory where they can be given the perfect gradient of the colors for the front teeth. This option may not be possible when you are looking for one-day emergency services that appear in the front of your mouth.

  1. CEREC crowns may not work with other crowns already present in your mouth.

If in the past, if you have already received several traditional crowns to repair dental problems, CEREC technology may not be an appropriate option to restore your oral health. While nothing prevents this new technology from creating a healthier mouth, your dentist needs to inspect how the new crown fits into existing repairs that already support your smile. There may be situations in which a traditional crown is a better option, despite potential shortcomings, since the composition of CEREC crowns may have premature wear.

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