The Top Do’s and Donts of Eyebrow Threading

To some, the thought of getting your eyebrows threaded seems painfully unnecessary. It is not as bad as you think if you follow some basic guidelines and self-care. It is not any more painful than waxing or plucking and lasts much longer. It also gives you the exact shape you desire without the guesswork involved in both other methods. It keeps them neat and tidy and the benefits far outweigh the pain. So what are some things you should do and not do when it comes to getting your eyebrows threaded? This article will explain some ways to make the experience as painless and satisfying as possible.

Pick a Good Salon and Artist

When looking for a place to get eyebrow threading Arlington, you want to choose the salon wisely. Check out reviews online for various salons that are non biased. Look at Google or Yelp for some really truthful reviews from clients. These are non paid reviews so they have no reason to lie about their experiences. Also, find someone who is experienced in eyebrow threading and does it regularly. Someone who is a pro at cutting hair may have the training to do eyebrow threading, but may not do it very often. Make sure your artist has the relevant experience necessary to give you the best possible outcome.

Skip the Eye Makeup

If you are planning to get your eyebrows done, make sure to have a clean face. Take off all makeup the night before. Wearing makeup is a big don’t when it comes to getting your eyebrows threaded. The technician will have to wipe it all off before they start and if you have any makeup on that smears, it can hit your eyebrows and you have quite a mess on your hands. It can also lead to your eyebrows being threaded incorrectly.

Do Prepare that Your Eyebrows Will be Red for a Bit

Your stylist will do their absolute best to not cause you excessive redness and pain, but it can not be prevented entirely. You have to expect it and be prepared for it. Don’t schedule anything too important the day you get your brows done as it will be noticeable that you just did them. You can also use some hydrocortisone or antibiotic cream to tone down the redness and prevent any infection.

Don’t Get Obsessed With Someone Else’s Style and Don’t Say No to A Trim

Women tend to see other women and sometimes want to emulate what they look like. You have to remember we are all individuals with different face shapes and don’t all look good with the same style. Your face shape is what should lead to the style of your brows, not how your neighbor looks with her eyebrows. Round faces tend to look great with a higher arch, while a long face looks better with a more flat brow. Your stylist also may want to trim your brows a bit. Go with their suggestions. Remember, they are the expert on this and a little trimming will give you a more tidy and clean appearance than threading alone. You may have stray hairs that need to be trimmed down in order to get the look you are striving for.

Don’t Forget to Examine Before You Leave the Salon

You may be an experienced customer of eyebrow threading Arlington or a novice, either way, check thoroughly after the job is done. Look closely in the mirror and make sure you are happy with the shape. A few changes may need to be made. Don’t be afraid to ask for adjustments as it is your face. Your stylist should not be offended. You are the client and they want you to come back again and be satisfied. Too many people are afraid of saying something needs a little tweaking and walk out unhappy. Let your voice be heard and communicate with your stylist to achieve the look you desire. You will be happy that you did. 

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