The Scalp Sore Options As Per the Requirement Now


Dandruff indicates that the microbial balance of the scalp is upset. This may be due to excessively dry or oily skin, stress or a course of antibiotics. Almost always the cause is Malassezia yeast, whether it is oily skin, atopic or suffering from psoriasis. Now you need to know what causes sores on scalp  also.

So it’s not an infection

There is no viral or bacterial infection in the skin but another type of inflammatory reaction. When the skin’s protective layer is not working properly, microbes with their warfare equipment irritate our skin’s defense systems. It feels like itching, irritation, redness or flaking.

Frequent washing for dandruff

  • It is best to try dandruff first with an ordinary shampoo developed for your own skin type. In most cases, this stats true.
  • It is good to increase the frequency of washing. There is now a wide range of shampoos and conditioners available to choose from for your skin type, advises the expert.
  • If the scaling is due to mechanical or chemical irritation of the scalp, it is advisable to choose a mild shampoo and conditioner. Strong fragrances or over-washing shampoos irritate the delicate scalp.
  • If regular shampoo does not help, you can switch to dandruff shampoo and use it as instructed.

The shelves of stores and pharmacies are full of various dandruff shampoos and medicines. The most common active ingredients are salicylic acid, zinc pyritone and various selenium compounds. Most of them help or kill Malassezia or at least keep it under control.

Fat off with shampoo

Talent secretion is largely regulated by hereditary factors and male hormones. About one third of Finnish fats excrete excess sebum. Bacteria and yeasts transform the sebum into a more fluid form and the hair quickly greases. Hair may be greasy as early as two hours after washing.

Talent can also be somewhat influenced by your lifestyle. It is a good idea to avoid sugar so that your blood sugar and insulin levels do not increase rapidly.

Excess sebum secretion causes seborrheic eczema, which is the most common skin disease on the scalp. Then the scalp becomes inflamed; it itches, exfoliates and is irritated, sometimes dandruff even on the eyebrows. 

Care for dry people

If the skin is red, slightly itchy, and exfoliate with dandruff, the scalp may be too dry. Even then, the dandruff may be the result of Malassezia sponge, which should be evicted, but gently. So for dry skin it is advisable to avoid strong shampoos and scratches, sometimes washing with a moisturizing basic cream can do good for the scalp. If you do poorly, dry skin can release the bacterium and cause inflammation. Hair dryers and various types of hot curlers can also dry the scalp, so you should avoid them as well.


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