Smart Choices for the perfect Acne

The young cover needs special care, and early. If a teenage girl wants to start using creams and decorative cosmetics, then do not forbid her. The main thing is to help make the right choice. Any cosmetic cream has its own framework that determines the age and characteristics of the skin. Different tools consist of various components aimed at solving various kinds of problems. 

In anti-aging products, there are components that intensively eliminate the results of cell fading, and products for young skin are aimed at preserving youth and maintaining a healthy appearance. Thus, a face cream for adolescents should have special properties that are necessary to maintain the beauty and health of teenagers.

  1. Any face cream for adolescents should be aimed at treating deficiencies or maintaining the natural beauty of the cover, the functions of which work in normal mode.
  2. Elimination of problem areas is an important property of a teenage remedy. Very often, during the period when the body develops and its hormonal restructuring begins, a lot of problems arise on the face in the form of sensitivity, rash, Acne, redness, black spots. Any remedy selected by a teenager to care for problem cover should have special healing properties.
  3. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are an integral part of any remedy that will help eliminate existing problems and prevent inflammation.
  4. The cleansing properties help create all the conditions for the normal functioning of the young skin.
  5. Regeneration and renewal of the skin of the face with a cream will ensure the restoration of damaged cells and problem areas.
  6. The hypoallergenic properties of the cream help to gently care for sensitive skin on the face of a teenager, and prevent allergic reactions and inflammations.
  7. Sun protection factor is a necessary part of day creams for adolescents who lead an active lifestyle and are often in the sun. Some sun rays are detrimental to the skin.
  8. Drying or moisturizing, regulating the sweating glands, these functions of the product depend on the type of skin of a teenager.

Be able to distinguish between problematic rashes or reactions on the teenage skin of the face, some of them can be the cause of an improperly selected care product, others can be the result of diseases.

Types of Teenage Skin


It looks almost perfect, it is characterized by an even tone and complexion, smoothness and velvety, there are no irritations, acne and redness. Depending on its deviations, a teenager can use a light moisturizer several times a week or light masks that only correct the features of the normal type. However, adolescents with a normal type of cover must necessarily use cleansers, gels and foams to help gently clean the cover and pores.

A common problem on the face of adolescents, it occurs as a result of increased activity of the subcutaneous sebaceous glands, which enhance their work under the influence of hormones. Such a cover requires more thorough and regular care, which is designed for features of this type.

Regular cleaning with gels, creams, as well as maintaining cleanliness during the day, for example, at school with sanitary napkins, will help to eliminate many problems and prevent inflammation.


Kenneth Bennett

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.