Possible Reasons for Fungal Nails 

Nails are seen as a vestigial part of our body, but they have their own unique functions. Can you imagine your fingers without nails? It would be weird, to say the least! As good as our nails look, we need to take excellent care of them to prevent any fungal infections. Fungal nails can occur when proper hygiene is not maintained or due to some severe health conditions. Most of the people mistake the simple fungal infection to be a grave issue. However, such is not always the case.

Onychomycosis, also popularly known as nail fungus, is common for people to experience. Most of the fungal nails are caused due to poor hygiene. On average fungal infections are caused by fungus caught from wet or moist areas, tight or congested footwear, etc. 

There could be numerous reasons behind a fungal nail. The following points highlight the reasons for fungal nail infection:

  • Wet and Moisture 

Overexposure to moisture or water to your nails can result in your nails to catch the fungus. Areas such as gym, swimming pools, or other shared resources can also be a cause.

  • Using contaminated Instruments or Nail Cutter

When you go to a salon, and if they use inadequately sanitized instruments such as filers, clippers and foot tubs, then you might get fungal nails due to the usage of contaminated instruments. Even using the nail cutter of a person with a fungal nail will influence this.


  • Being an Athlete

Athletes are proven to be more prone to nail fungus because they wear tight-fitting and sweaty and wet shoes along with continuous and repetitive pressure and trauma to the nails. The pressure makes the nails weak and more susceptible to catch the fungal infection.

  • Age Factor

People with age are most likely to face fungal infections. The increasing age weakens every part of the body, including the nails, hence causing the nail fungus. 

  • Underlying Disease

Fungal infection can not always be ignored as they might be the indicator of severe disease. Any internal health condition or severe disorders are portrayed by our body by some outward symptoms.

  • Due to immunity Impairing diseases

A person with disease or disorder that impacts one’s immunity system, such as AIDs, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Cancer, etc. then, they are also at high risk of getting nail fungus.

When you suffer any pain or discomfort in the nails due to fungus, then it is suggested to consult a doctor. To avail more information be sure to visit https://www.mikitiaseis.gr/

Kenneth Bennett

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