Integral Facial Routine in order to prevent facial spots

Have you heard about the significance of having a daily integral facial routine, to avoid spots on your face?

If you’re interested in having a healthy and radiant skin, it is essential that you adopt a skin cleaning routine.

Maintaining a beauty routine is fundamental to fight against facial blemishes and premature aging. This is why you need to comply with three basic steps: cleaning, hydration and sun protection.

Using dermatologically approved products that meet our skins needs is a priority to take into account before buying. Just as we brush our teeth, we must maintain our skin hygiene.

Let’s see it step by step.

First step of our daily facial routine to avoid spots on our skin:

Use a cleansing lotion like a micellar water, keeping in mind your skin type, namely, oily, dry, mixed or sensitive. Micellar water attracts dirt and skin sebum, isolating and transporting them through the water and being removed from the skin.

Second step:

Apply an astringent, this will control the excess shine, open pores, pimples and acne. When skin produces excess sebum and sweat, pores open up, therefore, astringents help improve the pores condition.

Third step:

Applying facial toner is the third step of your facial care, after cleaning and before hydrating creams. It should be used twice a day.

Fourth step:

Apply a hydrating lotion all over your face and neck. You should also use it in your morning and night routine. It is recommended to use an SPF of 50 to avoid risks linked with sun exposure and to prevent premature skin aging. Find a lotion that best suits your dermis so you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful skin.

In addition, MOISTURIZE.

Moisturizers act as a protective barrier for your skin; it promotes absorption of water, integrates it to the dermis and restores the skin’s acid mantle, which protects the skin from harmful environmental factors. Our moisturizing lotion in Conffianz has an SPF of 30 for daily use that protects your skin and helps reduce facial blemishes caused by sun, acne and melasma.

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Additionally, in general terms you should keep in mind these tips:

You must exfoliate your skin once a week to eliminate dead cells, especially with the current state of pollution you must be extra careful.

We recommend you visit, once a month, a specialized beauty clinique to have a specific treatment done, tailored to your needs. Don’t forget to pack your CONFFIANZ LOTIONS.

Once a year, just like how you visit your ob-gyn or odontologist, you should also go in for a check up with your dermatologist to control spots, freckles, veins, rosacea and any other condition, since prevention is an important key you shouldn’t pass by.

Being consistent with a facial routine can be a determining factor for your skins health. Follow each step in your facial treatment to avoid facial spots and to take care of your skin.

Kenneth Bennett

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.