How to flu-proof your house

This article explains how to combat influenza and keep yourself and your loved ones safe with good hygiene.

Influenza, or the flu, is a kind of bacterial illness that normally spreads from human to human interaction. Its infectious nature helps it spread rather quickly. It can also spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes without covering their nose or mouth, and droplets are sprayed in the atmosphere or other surfaces. 

The influenza symptoms to watch out for

The flu typically shows itself as high fever. Influenza symptoms include high fever, runny nose or stubborn cold, cough, body ache and nausea. Taking a course of retroviral drugs prescribed by the doctor and keeping 

Keep your hands clean

The hands are the carriers of several infectious diseases. They pick up infectious germs and bacteria by touching contaminated surfaces, and then transfer them to your skin or other surfaces. If you wish to break the cycle of influenza and other illnesses, then you must start by keeping the hands super clean.

Washing your hands several times a day with antibacterial soap is key. Aim to wash your hands with soap at least once every two hours and wipe them clean on paper towels. If you don’t have access to soap and water, use a hand sanitiser. 

Use an antibacterial liquid hand wash at home and insist on every family member using it often. Children, especially, must be taught how to wash their hands correctly. This is important in flu season and if you notice influenza symptoms in and around your house.

Keep areas of common use clean

The flu germs are also present on surfaces where human hands deposit them. You may wash your hands clean in flu season, but there is no point in doing so if the surfaces of common use are contaminated. 

These include doorknobs and handles, rails, faucets, flush knob, telephone receiver and pad, computer keyboard, mobile phones, and even cutlery and crockery. 

Some important house cleaning tips

Break the cycle of flu transmission with these simple house cleaning tips:

  • Mix antiseptic liquid in clean water as directed, and wipe down hard surfaces like floors and bathroom, kitchen tiles. Allow to air dry.
  • Use antiseptic liquid to wipe down door handles, rails, knobs, faucets, etc.
  • Use an antibacterial hand soap at the wash basin and kitchen sink.
  • Use antibacterial kitchen gel to clean your plates, cutlery and other crockery. Allow to air dry before storing them away.
  • Add a measure of antibacterial liquid to the last wash in your washing machine. It removes lurking germs and disinfects the clothes completely. This is important if you are washing the clothes and bedding of a family member suffering from flu. 
  • Allow sunlight into the house. Sunlight kills infectious bacteria and purifies the air.
  • Use neem incense sticks around the house to purify the air and keep pests like flies and mosquitoes away.

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