How has COVID-19 promoted self-sufficient living?

Self-sufficient living is the most used term in recent pandemic time due to the outbreak of the corona virus. The significant and straightforward meaning of this term is to stay at your home and grow your desired food with the help of a greenhouse. And it is considered as one of the best ways to consume the purest form of food because in our greenhouse we grow food items according to our needs and only we have interaction with that particular food. 

These eatables are chemical-free and do not include any virus and help us to stay healthy and in better shape for a longer time.

Here are the ways to prepare our home for an efficient living!!

It becomes vital to ensure the fact that our house is appropriate or sufficient to complete the process of self-sufficient living as we can also take the help of professionals to ensure that we have an arena that is capable of running this service. And one can receive an EPC certificate from the government bodies, and it will quickly tell us the improvements which we need to get desirable results. There are many things which we should keep in mind before getting a greenhouse in the arena. We have to replace our traditional bulbs with practical and modern LED bulbs which not only conserve electricity but reduce the cost as well.

 Why is it essential to transforming waste into a resource during the outbreak of the corona virus?

It is rightly said that whenever we reduce recycle or reuse the thing, we can easily give benefit to three essential elements that are our home planet and wallet as well. Furthermore, only one question which is rising on a massive scale is, will the corona virus make us more self sufficient?

 1– We should always avoid buying and only by the sufficient and appropriate amount of required thing that can meet our needs. Another way to use these three R’s into our life is we should always avoid throwing anything in dustbin before using it completely as if there is any chance to reuse it or even donate it. Then we should always consider that factor as a priority. Like there are clothes which we do not wear, but it does not mean that we can throw them into the wastage section because these clothes can be used as a dusting material for cleaning our house.

 2– Corona virus is a disease, from which the entire world is fighting, and no one knows when and how this virus will stop chasing us. It is a respiratory disease that has the full potential to take our lives within a few minutes. So it becomes vital to make sure that we stay in better shape and always follow the guidelines provided by top authorities of the Government and medical team. Therefore because there is only one way to defeat this disease, and that is self-isolation and no one is allowed to leave their houses. 

Kenneth Bennett

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.