How Can A Thread Lift Help Your Skin?

In this era, sagging skin and a wrinkled face is something feared by most people—especially women. Unfortunately, with the food we are eating, old age is kicking in earlier than before. But what do we do about it? Should we just sit back and start developing wrinkles at as early as 40 years old? No—at least not if there something that can be done besides going under the knife.

Did I just say that there is something that can be done? Yes! A thread lift is an awesome solution to facial wrinkles and sagging skin. The best part is that you do not have to undergo surgery.

Where does this leave the traditional methods?

Facelift surgery and noninvasive facial rejuvenation were the most popular ways of dealing with facial wrinkles in the past. The latter is a lengthy process and has no certainty. However, a facelift is effective and fast, but many people were not receptive to its surgical nature. 

In the thread lift, tiny threads are used on needles to improve the skin. In this case, a scalpel is not needed. For best results, skilled physicians at Shonan Beauty Clinic in Thousand Oaks and Irvine can attend to you. An expert will handle every step with expertise until you acquire a young-looking and smooth face.

What exactly is a thread lift?

This procedure involves using temporary sutures to lift the skin. Sagging facial skin is not removed surgically (like it would be removed in other methods). But such facial skin is stitched in portions hence suspending it. A skilled cosmetic surgeon carries out this delicate yet effective procedure.

By applying the thread, the skin is pulled back slightly and your facial skin is tightened. The threadlift is not only best for lifting sagging skin but they prevent aging in different ways. After you undergo a thread lift, the process provokes your body to start healing. Hence a lot of collagen will be directed to treated areas to enhance healing. 

Besides enhancing healing of wounds, collagen is the element that keeps the skin supple, voluminous and strong. Unfortunately, collagen levels in our bodies reduce as we age  (the body starts to produce less collagen). This explains why the thickness of the skin reduces almost by 80% when someone reaches 70 years old.

So, sagging skin and wrinkles result from loss of strength and volume. The skin continues to grow weak until it’s unable to contain the underlying tissue. It’s then pulled downwards by the gravity after which its stretched. So, thread lift triggers fresh collagen which prevents the skin from becoming loose.

Why would you choose thread lift over facelift

A thread lift is linked to a short recovery period, unlike the facelift. After undergoing facelift surgery, you will be required to take about half a month off from work so that you can heal.

Again, a facelift patient will need help in the house for about 3 days. Hence, this process will cost a patient a lot of time and money before you are whole again. However, in thread lift, you can take yourself home once the process is complete. Also, you won’t have to keep off your daily activities in the name of healing.

That said, don’t stress yourself out over a sagging skin. Let a professional cosmetic surgeon from Shonan Beauty Clinic solve your stress once and for all. 

Kenneth Bennett

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