Fighting With Lethargy: Causes Behind This Condition

Spending a long hectic day makes us tired, after which we just need lots of rest and relaxation from work. But sometimes have you ever notice that after a casual day we feel tired. It is bad to be tired, especially when we are suffering from viral infection, flu or cold. It is quite common in such cases but when you are going for the continuous fatigue so it must be the right time to visit the doctor for the body check-up.

What fatigue is?

When you feel tired that is constant and limiting, which is unexplained and relapsing exhaustion. It is all like when you suffer from flu, viral infection or cold, but if you have chronic fatigue or SEID. Systemic exertion intolerance disease where you wake up in the morning with the feeling that you haven’t slept at night and the whole day spent with the feeling of unable to function at work or non-productive at home. Sometimes the condition arises where you can’t even perform your daily affairs. If we talk about the causes then depression, anemia, allergic rhinitis, fibromyalgia, and other health conditions can be the reason for this kind of fatigue. When you experience something like this then never be too late and visit the doctor for the better treatment.

Allergies– Common cause of chronic fatigue is allergic rhinitis. This can be easily treated and self-managed, doctor diagnosis by assessing your symptoms. A better way to reduce the symptoms is avoiding offending allergens. You can also have drugs like nasal steroids, oral antihistamines, leukotriene modifiers, mast cell stabilizers, etc.

Anemia– Condition, where you don’t have enough blood that is red blood cells, is Anemia. Anemia is the common cause once again after allergies. Conditions like heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle, uterine fibroid tumors or uterine polyps can be the reason for blood loss. Other causes of anemia can be a deficiency of iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, chronic diseases like diabetes or kidney disease. Medications help in fighting against anemia and this, in turn, helps to treat fatigue. Supplements also work in this way. For medications, you can click on, for the delivery of medications at your doorstep.

Depression, Anxiety– Root of chronic fatigue is anxiety and depression; here symptoms can be sadness, feeling hopeless, worthless and helpless, fatigue. After the birth of baby women also have postpartum depression and some people have a seasonal affective disorder in winter that makes them feels sad and fatigue. Depression can be treated with medicines. But when one feels hopeless and worthless then it can be a serious symptom of depression.

Food Allergies– Symptoms like continually exhaust, feeling sleepy and fatigue can be there because of food allergies. If you notice these symptoms then ask your doctor to eliminate those foods. The home test is the best way to have the offending food.

There are other conditions too that are responsible for the fatigue like heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep apnea, diabetes, etc. when you are going through any of these then first treat the root cause of fatigue means to treat the above-mentioned conditions.

Kenneth Bennett

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