Equipment To Do Your Exercise At Home

We recommend that you take it easy in this beginning and follow the online classes and guidance from professionals and hands-on. Check out a list of the most diverse equipment for you to do your exercise at home (ออกกำลัง กาย ที่ บ้าน which is the term in Thai), working all muscle groups. Get connected!


As with dumbbells, the shin guard has the function of increasing the weight load and is indicated, mainly for the lower limbs, although they can also function with the hands. This way, you can use it to strengthen the glutes, thighs, and calves and use it in strengthening exercises in the core (abdominal) region.

Elastic Kit 

Unlike the extender elastics, this one is a set of elastics that can act simultaneously in your activity. You can do exercises to gain strength, endurance, increase lean mass, muscle tone, and improve fitness. The kit comes with elastics of different strengths, with foam-coated handles for gripping, with two straps to wear on the ankle and an anchor to put on the door.

Abdominal Ball

Also known as the Swiss Ball, it is a piece of ideal equipment for training at home. With it, you perform functional training, muscle strengthening, Pilates, and physiotherapy, ensuring muscle strength, balance, and motor coordination.

Furthermore, it can act in exercises that work on instability, activating the core region more profoundly. There are different sizes with different weight support.

Roller – Equipment For Home Training

It makes it possible to perform myofascial release work (pressing the region with ‘nodules’ of muscle tension and pain to dissolve). With this, you gain flexibility and prevent injuries. It is very suitable after aerobic exercises to help regenerate the muscles.

Simple Dumbbells (Assembled)

Dumbbells are anatomical equipment, relatively simple to use and with good efficiency in the results, working upper limbs such as biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back. According to the need, there are models from the lightest, weighing 1 kilo, to thicker ones. Up to 10k, the indication is that you buy them assembled.

Free Weights (Dumbbells To Assemble)

One of the classic gym equipment you can have at home. The difference from the previous model is that you need to buy the bar and washers separately to assemble. You can perform both free exercises for the upper limbs (raising the arms, bending and extending the arms, biceps, and triceps) and the lower ones (exercises for the hips and legs).

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