Common Causes Of Hair Loss, Acne & Dark Spots

Hair loss, acne and dark spots can happen for several reasons. Today it has become a foremost problem faced by a lot of women and men these days. Everyone is facing some sort of hair thinning or skin disorders. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of hair loss, acne and dark spots.

Major Hair Loss Causes:

Heredity Conditions – Hair loss caused by heredity is a natural genetic condition that runs in the family. It can be more difficult to cure and treat hair loss caused by heredity. Though it can be treated with hair transplants. Thanks to the advancement in technology through which people can achieve a good density of hair and get back their lost confidence.

Hormonal Changes – Changes during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid problems cause changes in the body.

Hair Treatments and Medication – Any scalp infection, side effects of any medication, hair treatments can also cause hair loss. Sometimes medications used to treat depression, cancer, heart problems, lower cholesterol and scalp infection can also be major causes of hair loss.

Hair Products and Hairstyle – Styling products like blow dryers, hair straighteners, hair color, bleaches, and heated combs can be harmful or considered as the major culprits for hair loss. Excessive usage of these heated products in the daily routine can contribute to hair loss and cause hair breakage.

Stress – Hair Fall and stress are related to each other. A high-stress level means less hair on your head. Unfortunately, there is no way to treat this, but a healthy diet with the proper sleep schedule can reduce hair fall.

Causes of Acne and Scars:

Skincare and makeup products – All skins have a different texture. Sometimes, wearing makeup every single day can aggravate skin problems.

Sun Exposure – Frequent exposure to the sun can cause skin discoloration that may cause dark spots and acne.

Diet – Your lifestyle and diet matters a lot and play an important role in acne. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and having water can reduce inflammation.

Dust & Pollution – Dust, dirt, weather conditions, exposure to grease and oils can damage or block your skin pores and cause pimples on the skin. Sometimes the presence of chlorine in the water can lead to premature aging and can damage your skin.

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