Can You Cannabis Plant Help You In Dealing With Menstruation Pain?

Menstruation pain is something that every female goes through. There are plenty of over-the-counter medicines and palliatives that help in relieving the pain. Recently, the name of cannabis is quite popular in alleviating the menstruation pain. This article will tell you how your cannabis plant can help you get rid of those stomach cramps. We have already read about a lot of researches about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and marijuana. Out of all the pain, the pain suffered by females in menstruation cycle is tough and it is only they who bear it.

Menstruation pain is common and as the life has to go on, females tend to rely on various painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to cope with the stress and pain. However, frequent use of such drugs is not suggested and it can harm the health of the person in long-run. Let us talk about some natural remedies here that will help you relieve the menstrua pain easily.

Why is menstrual time so painful?

Most of the women suffer from a condition called dysmenorrhea, which is the pain caused in the womb during menstruation. The common pain area are abdominal, back, headache, diarrhea and cramps. There are two kinds of dysmenorrhea, each has its own characteristics.

  1. Primary dysmenorrhea

This is the most common kind of menstrual pain and it is not due to any other kind of health condition. It is usually caused by a chemical that is responsible to produce contractions to help the uterus remove the lining built up during the menstrual cycle. If there is no fertilization, the blood rich lining is shed off because it is no longer required.

  1. Secondary dysmenorrhea

This condition commonly affects women over 30 years of age. This pain is caused by some disease in the women’s reproductive organs.

How can cannabis help?

If you have always craved to Buy Marijuana Seeds In California and enjoy a wholesome yield for you, you can use it to relieve your menstrual pain as well. Cannabis has cannabinoids and it reacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in our body. Researches have been conducted that proves that women suffering from severe menstrual cramps can find relief in marijuana.

Besides cannabis, there are other plants which help in relieving this acute pain during menstrual cycles. If you do not have cannabis at home, the following are some other plants that can help you:

Artemisia Annua: It is infused with excellent pain relieving properties. Its high flavonoid content is useful in treating menstrual cramps.

Cotton Lavender: Another great plant to deal with menstrual cramp is cotton lavender. It has estrogenic, anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve the pain.

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