Can Dental Implants Be Considered Medically Necessary? Here’s What You Need To Know

Missing a tooth or multiple teeth can have various effects on a person’s day-to-day life. Aside from the physical aspect, it can affect how we consume our food or the way we choose which food to eat. In some cases, it can also affect the way a person speaks. There are several ways to remedy the issue of missing teeth, one of which is dental implants.

Brief background on dental implants

Implants are essentially a substitute for missing teeth. Strictly speaking, they’re a replacement for the roots of your teeth. A dentist places the dental implants in your jawbone, so it acts as a foundation. Later on, it is fitted with a crown or dentures that look and feel like real teeth.

Persons qualified for dental implants

If you’re considering getting fitted for dental implants, you should consult with your dentist as early as possible. Adults who have missing teeth, possibly due to an accident or tooth decay but still have healthy gums are good candidates for implants. They’re also ideal for patients who are not dealing with oral disease or other problems and can maintain a routine for their oral health.

Benefits of dental implants

There are several advantages to getting dental implants. A major benefit is that people with implants can expand their food choices and not stick to super soft foods. While it is not recommended to chew on hard objects, implants are strong enough to break down food like meats and vegetables.

Another benefit of dental implants is durability and longevity. After surgery, your implants fuse to your body and turn into a part of your jaw. Your new teeth can serve you for many years to come.

There is also less risk of gum problems or the development of other oral diseases if you get fitted for implants. This translates to an overall improvement in your oral health.

Implants can also affect one’s self-esteem. People with implants can confidently flash their smiles and not feel awkward or embarrassed caused by missing teeth.

People can also expect some improvement in their speech after getting implants compared to when they had missing teeth. Implants can help people speak better and clearer.

Medical necessity regarding dental implants

Insurance companies shoulder various dental services such as cleaning, fillings, and even procedures like teeth removal or reconstruction. Oral surgery cases are also sometimes accepted by insurance companies if they aim to remedy an injury.

Dental implants may be deemed medically necessary depending on the situation that the patient is going through. If a person is suffering or having difficulty dealing with function loss brought about by missing teeth, implants may be considered medically necessary. This may also be the case if a person seeks to get implants to improve functional impairment regarding their teeth.

Another case where implants may be considered necessary is when oral hygiene has not given a person tangible benefits in preserving a diseased tooth.

Patients can discuss the procedure with their doctors to evaluate the case carefully and determine whether a dental implant is medically necessary. If they are necessary, doctors and patients can file for reimbursement depending on the benefits within the policy of the patient.

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