Affordable yet nutritious high quality UHT milk 

Over the past few decades, new age mothers rely on UHT milk when they plan to wean their baby off breastfeeding. Breast milk contains necessary nutrients in the proper proportions and is the safest and healthiest food for the baby. Most of the experts across the globe recommend to exclusively breastfed the baby for first six month and then to gradually add solid and formula milk to their diet. Choosing the right Milk for children (นม กล่อง สำหรับ เด็ก which is the term in thai) can make a huge difference in the overall growth and development of the child. UHT milk is a good option as it includes calcium, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, zinc, vitamins A and B12, magnesium, carbohydrate and protein and its expiration dates is usually longer than six months.

Take informed decision

Today’s marketplace is flooded with ample of formula milk and UHT (Ultra-heat temperature) milk box. But all of them are same in quality hence to avoid choosing substandard food product for your baby consider certain factors and then take unambiguous decision

  • Read the level of the box carefully and choose the box appropriate for the age of your baby
  • Ensure the box is enriched with omega-3s, calcium, irons and all other essential nutrient for the normal and healthy growth of the child
  •   Make sure you are well aware about the method of consumption and how much UHT milk does your child need
  • Read the expiry date and storage procedure once the box is opened
  • Avoid reduced-fat, low-fat, modified and skim options and opt for full- fat UHT milk
  • Never go for cheap brand and always choose quality over price

Get effective advice

Every parent wants best for their kids. Hence never take random decision when planning to buy milk or other food products for your toddlers. Your toddler solely depends on you hence if you have any concerns either consult health practitioner or seek advice from experienced parents. With right choice of diet you can provide healthy future to your kids.

Kenneth Bennett

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.