9 Most Common Causes Of Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Whether you’ve already realized it or not yet, having a complete set of teeth in their tip-top shape is something to be proud of. If you get your teeth chipped or cracked, it can affect the way your dental system functions — not to mention, lower your self-esteem. This is why many of those who have a broken tooth urgently get in touch with a clinic that provides emergency dental services to help them address their issue as soon as possible.

But what are the most common causes of tooth fractures? Here are nine of them.

Enamel erosion. Your teeth have a mineralized protective layer called the enamel. Though it’s inherently strong, too much contact with acid-based substances can cause it to erode. With a damaged enamel, your teeth become more susceptible to oral bacteria that may cause infection and cavities. This, in turn, will make your teeth more prone to chipping and cracking.

Tooth decay. Clinics who provide emergency dental services often encounter patients complaining about tooth decay-related problems. Tooth decay is commonly a result of poor dental hygiene, and when not addressed, it can make our teeth weaker overtime. When your teeth or mouth area receives too much stress, the already-existing tooth decay can put us more at risk of tooth fractures.

Teeth grinding. Medically referred to as bruxism, excessive teeth grinding can cause teeth to obtain acute cosmetic cracks. If the grinding is not managed, these minor cracks can escalate to something more severe.

Bad bite. Some people have an imbalanced bite, causing a portion of your dental area to receive greater force than others. As a result, the affected teeth may weaken over the years and at one point, get chipped, cracked, or broken.

Hard foods. Even if you have a good bite, you can still put your teeth at risk of getting fractured when you hurriedly consume too many hard foods. These include ice cubes, certain types of candies, stale bread, and unpopped kernels among others. When eating this type of food, make sure to take your time and consume them with care.

Using teeth as tools. Experts who specialize in emergency dental services also often encounter chipped-teeth cases caused by using teeth as an alternative tool (e.g. For opening bottles). While human teeth are designed to be sturdy, they’re not meant to perform such tasks.

Facial trauma. A sports enthusiast who’s into activities that may potentially harm your face (e.g. Boxing)? Someone who’s recently involved in a fall accident? These situations can bring forth facial trauma and inevitably damage the teeth. If you’re stuck in one of these, make sure to seek immediate professional attention.

Car accidents. One of the worst situations you may be involved in that can cause tooth fractures is a road accident. Because of its impact it causes on the body (especially on vulnerable parts like the face and dental area), several vehicular accident victims also experience having their teeth cracked or chipped.

Piercing. While oral jewelry may look cool, they could cause damage to your teeth. Apart from enamel erosion (which can eventually lead to cracked teeth), it can also lead to having receding gums.

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