6 Best Salad Ideas For Weddings

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment. When it comes to a big fat Indian wedding it is all about food, fun and dance. India is a land of diversity and the variety of available cuisines is why it is considered as a foodie’s paradise. Being acknowledged as foodie’s paradise it is difficult to imagine a big fat Indian wedding without an array of delectable gastronomic delights. At a wedding you come across number of wedding guests each having a different liking. 

Are you getting hitched any time soon? You must have then booked best wedding caterers in Kolkata, Delhi or wherever you’re planning to tie the knot. But what about the menu selection? At a wedding you need to have something for the liking of everyone. You defiantly would not want your weddings returning on a hungry stomach. Apart from all the gourmet delight you also need to have something for the diet conscious people as they refrain themselves from having the spicy and oily food. You would not want to starve them. Salad is love for the health freak people. Gone are the days when the salad variants were restored to only one or two types. With changing times various types of salads are available. Here is a list of the best salad types that you can consider serving at your wedding.

  1. Caesar Salad

When it comes to salads, Caesar salad tops the list. Available in both veg and non veg alternative Caesar salad is a popular salad variety. Tracing its origin in the lanes of Mexico, Caesar salad is a healthy and green salad. It is packed with the goodness of lettuce, crotons topped with olive oil, parmesan cheese anchovies and black pepper. You can add pieces of grilled chicken and eggs to it in for those who love non vegetarian lovers.

  1. Fruit Salad

Fruits are natural sweetners and health freak people who refrain themselves from consuming artificial sweetners can consider having them. Fruit salad is packed with the goodness of freshly cut fruits such as Apples, Guavas, Pineapples thus serving as a sweet delight with drinks for those on a diet. Fruit salad is low on the calorie intake which is why they can be spotted at every wedding.

  1. Macaroni Salad

Who doesn’t loves Mac N Cheese but for those on a diet it’s a serious no. A healthier alternative to Mac N Cheese is a macaroni salad. Macaroni salad consists macaroni, pasta dressed in mayonnaise,s our cream and topped with veggies such spring onions, cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, etc. The salad is usually served cold.

  1. Russian Salad

Finding its origin in the lanes of Russia, Russian salad is packed with the goodness of vegetables and non vegetarian delights. The salad is prepared with diced potato, meat, hard boiled eggs, green peas and pickles. The salad is dressed in mayonnaise.

  1. Chicken Salad

Delight the chicken lovers as you serve them with chicken salad. As per its name the salad has chicken as its chief ingredient. The salad consists of eggs, mayonnaise, chicken and is topped with other seasonings.

  1. Coleslaw Salad

If your friends love coleslaw sandwhich then why not serve them with coleslaw salad. The coleslaw salad is low on calorie and is packed with the goodness of raw cabbages.

So these are a few salad varieties that you can consider serving at your wedding. Which salad type are you selecting? Do you know about other salads that can be served at weddings. Share with us about your views on the posts in the comments below.

Kenneth Bennett

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