5 Habits for a Healthier Skin

We all know how important it is to take care of our skin and even more so when we start to notice the first signs of aging or when our skin has been mistreated either by our own carelessness or external agents. On many occasions, we mistreat our skin, not being aware of the many factors to which our skin is exposed to all day and the irreversible damages they can cause.

Today we want to share with you 5 habits that will be very helpful if you want to make a difference in your lifestyle and skincare.

5 Habits that will help you have a radiant and attractive skin:

  1. Sleep well. It’s important that you have a relaxing sleep, getting enough hours because in this process cells are regenerated, which allows your body to effectively fight toxins and germs that are a continuous threat; also during sleep the skin regains elasticity and firmness. Among other benefits is that when the brain is rested, the production of hormones is balanced, so try to sleep between 7 or 9 hours a day.
  2. We all know it, but there’s nothing better than sweating and activating your metabolism with exercises. So that your skin renewal process is completely activated, it is necessary to have a physical activity to do. When we sweat during exercise, that sweat is a natural way for our body to cleanse the skin and expel accumulated toxins. By increasing body temperature, the pores expand and exude the dirt and dead cells contained in the skin of the face and body, which helps to alleviate and prevent the onset of acne.
  3. Drink water. Drinking water is incredibly necessary to preserve a hydrated and smooth skin. When you do not drink enough water, your skin has an external appearance that is opaque and lacking in tone. Cold water is invigorating, so its use in the facial area will help tone muscles, although it is not a guarantee of total firmness, you may complement this with other habits, even creams like Conffianz’s that enhance this care. You have to keep in mind that we are basically formed by water and we must replace it daily, since water gets lost in sweat, urination, feces and even breathing. Drinking water is essential, two to three liters of water daily would be ideal. If we do not keep the skin hydrated it loses elasticity, freshness and loses the ability to react to external aggressions.
  4. Release stress. There is nothing more harmful to your skin than stress. The process of stress as a very hectic life pace causes our body to experiment unfavorable changes. Glucocorticoids such as cortisol and adrenaline, as a result of stress, generate organic and physiologic changes that affect health and therefore your skin. When stress levels are so high and persistence without a solution, over time, we experience digestive alterations, tachycardia, headaches and these results are alterations that affect our skin. Hormonal imbalances, poor blood circulation and toxin accumulation cause damage to our dermis. Our recommendation is to practice a sport, as we mentioned in habit two, develop a hobby or dedicate minimum an hour a week to relax and do activities you really enjoy. Relax, your skin will thank you.
  5. Do not smoke. Several studies indicate that tobacco not only causes damage in our respiratory and cardiovascular system, but it also damages our skin. Non-melanoma skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) is common in smokers.

By including these 5 habits in your lifestyle you can make a difference, but it’s not enough. We recommend to always keep an eye on your skin regularly, if spots suddenly appear go to your dermatologist; if you smoke, quit it, your whole body will thank you; sunbathe with moderation and protection; eat healthily; and do an outdoor sport or activity like yoga, or even pilates.

Kenneth Bennett

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.