4 Things You Should Examine in a Physio Clinic in Singapore

At some point in our lives, we will need the help of an osteopath to provide us with injury treatment, rehabilitation and even postnatal care in Singapore. Osteopathy is, after all, a medical practice with various applications. Thus, some of us go the extra mile to ensure that we consult the best osteopath.

However, getting in touch with the best osteopath in Singapore will only happen if you find the best physio clinic. Today, we will share some things to consider when choosing a physio clinic.


Choosing a physio clinic that offers complete osteopathy and physiotherapy services is a must. It will assure you that they can provide the care you need during emergencies. If this is not possible, find a physio clinic that offers the services you need and will probably need in the future.


The best osteopath can only do so much, especially if it’s too late to stop the problem from worsening. Most conditions that require physiotherapy are either painful or worsen over time. Thus, you would need to choose a physio clinic near your home, sports gym or work.


It should go without saying that a good physio clinic in Singapore offers affordable services. No matter how good the services are, if they are overpriced, you will find getting treatment quite a challenge. It is especially true if you need to undergo rehabilitation which will take quite some time.

It may be necessary to ask around to know which clinic offers a good price for their services. You may also seek recommendations from your relatives, colleagues and friends. Compare the prices for the same service in various clinics to know which among your prospective clinic has the most reasonable rates.


The best osteopath is not a jack of all trades. Each osteopath and physiotherapist has his own specialisation. Thus, it is good to find a clinic that has doctors who specialise in the condition you wish to consult them with. For instance, if you are suffering from tennis elbow, finding a doctor that specialises in providing tennis elbow treatment in Singapore is recommended. The same goes for when you are seeking postnatal care or ACL rehabilitation.Our musculoskeletal health is crucial especially when we have active lifestyles or are ageing. Are you looking for a physio clinic in Singapore to have your condition diagnosed and treated? Visit Orchard Health Clinic today!

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