Live Longer – 7 Truths to Taking Responsibility For Your Health

Reports are flooding the airwaves about the growing obesity problem in the US. Apparently a new report shows that 28 US States show increases in obesity rates in adults. With that are growing rates of diseases brought on by lack of healthy living. I doubt if anyone is not affected by this issue in some […]

Health Care Reform – How Are You Affected? – Part 3

If you are an employer with fewer than 50 full time and “full time equivalent” (FTE) employees, you will enjoy the luxury of being exempted from the most onerous provisions discussed in the previous article. If you offer health insurance coverage to your employees you will still have a few issues affecting your health plan. […]

3 of the Most Effective Weight Loss Diet Programs to Quickly Burn Fat and Keep the Weight Off

For some, individuals shedding pounds is something they experience again and again. It isn’t unprecedented for individuals to swing to weight reduction diet programs that assistance them get more fit at the outset, however recover all the load later. For all time getting more fit is the thing that a great many people are keen […]

EODD Diet Reviews – 5 Things I Like About Jon Benson’s EODD Diet

The EODD diet by Jon Benson has rapidly turned into an outstanding and prominent eating regimen in numerous nations around the globe. This eating routine arrangement is not normal for most other both in the opportunity it offers the individuals who tail it and the outcomes it gets. This is the reason it is all […]